Pencil Drawings So Real You Can't Tell Where Real Or Fake Begins

These images brilliantly trick the human eye. The amazingly realistic quality of these drawings will confuse you.

At first, you think this is just a photograph. And then you realize that someone made this. With a pencil. Get ready to have your minds blown. 


Where does the drawing end and begin? I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy. 

pencil drawing


I can't tell if he drew on a leaf, or if the leaf is a drawing too. 

3D Pencil Drawings


Is this whole image a painting? Or is it just the painting that's the painting? Officially confused. Creative Pencil Drawing


This looks so deceptively delicious until you realize it's just a drawing! This would be an amazing April Fool's prank. Pencil Drawing Techniques


Jokes on you. 

Creating Depth with 3D Drawing



This photo literally stops me in my tracks. I. can't. even.Beautiful 3D Drawings


Marcello Barenghi brings one of his images to life in this amazing time lapse video. 

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