People Are Calling Google's Diverse Veterans Day Sketch 'Anti-White'

Google's culturally diverse Veterans Day doodle didn't go over too well with some whiny folks who consider it a "misrepresentation" of the U.S. veteran population.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. As the “anti-Christian Starbucks cup” drama dwindles, people have found a new absurd topic to debate.

The Nov. 11 “Google Doodle” honoring Veterans Day shows an illustration of smiling vets representing the different military branches.

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Apparently, the ethnicities of these animated figures have caused some commotion as it appears that six of the seven characters are people of color.

Of course, white people are complaining that the sketch doesn’t "properly" represent America’s white veteran population. They’ve even gone so far as to say the picture “trolls” white veterans.

Veterans Day Google Doodle

They have also deemed one of the more fair skinned female characters in the picture as “light-skinned,” although there’s no confirmation on what her actual race is supposed to be.

Here’s the thing, it’s true that white veterans outnumber other races so perhaps the doodle doesn’t accurately represent that fact.

But, it's just a drawing! White people constantly deem minorities "overly sensitive" when it comes to race issues and yet there's controversy over a picture that is only visible for 24 hours.

If anything, this display of diversity should be reason to praise Google for acknowledging minorities and not ignoring the fact that others besides white people have fought for this country.

Why would you condemn a company for embracing diversity? That just goes to show how this country is oozing with prejudice and racism.

No one was complaining when veterans of color were ignored for centuries.

There’s hardly ever much mention of the many black lives that were lost during the Civil War and World War II and the significant contributions blacks have made to the advancement of this country since FOREVER.

But "Lord help us all" if Google displays a little cartoon on its homepage showing some faces of color and some WOMEN!

Yes, women are also largely ignored when honoring our armed forces or belittled because they may have only served as nurses — as if that somehow makes them less important.

It’s literally disgusting to see the kind of reactions people proudly shared about something that was meant to bring people together.

Our hope for humanity is going downhill ...

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