"People in Red Shorts Falling Off Buildings And Being Aimed At By Guns" Is Now A Thing

Because we all needed images of guys in red shorts hanging from balconies with shotguns aimed at their heads.

The Internet is loaded with explicitly bizarre content.

From pictures of a shirtless Putin riding a woodpecker to John Travolta kissing Kanye West, just when you think you’ve seen it all, something even crazier comes along and makes you question human sanity.

For instance, this collection of Russian memes aptly named “People in red shorts falling off buildings and being aimed at by guns” is literally a bunch of photos featuring men in red shorts hanging from balconies and windows with other men aiming a shotgun at them.

Take a look at these viral images:

men in red shortsPeople in Red Shorts Falling Off Buildingmen in red shorts hanging off buildings with guns

One thing common in all these photos is the presence of a horrified female.

Perhaps it should’ve been named “People in red shorts falling off buildings and being aimed at by gun while women scream in horror” instead.

men wearing red shortsmen in Red Shorts

Seriously, why would someone need these wildly specific pictures in the first place? There are already enough inappropriate Stock images to deal with almost every bizarre situation. 

Red Shorts boys in Russia Russian Men In Red Shorts

The origin of these wonderful yet utterly pointless pictures is yet unknown but the Internet seems to love them.

The best guess is that one of these is indeed a real image where a husband came home to find another man and decided to shoot him. Maybe, a nosy neighbor just snapped a picture and posted it online and other started copying it.

Whatever the back story is, let’s hope this trend remains limited to Russia because the rest of the world just can’t handle this.

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