Unbelievable Pepsi Prank Freaks Londoners Out At a Bus Stop

Imagine yourself sitting at a bus stop, waiting for the bus to take you to work, just another dull day in life. And then you see a tiger running towards you. Or think what you'd be like if tentacles emerge from a manhole, grab an innocent bystander and fly off with him.

This, and more, is exactly what happened to commuters in London one morning – all thanks to Pepsi.

No, of course, it wasn't real. The whole thing was a very convoluted augmented reality prank, by Pepsi as part of their new "Unbelievable" marketing campaign. They basically turned the left panel of the bus shelter into a digital portal that mixed live video of the location with recorded animation, giving people an illusion that all that sci-fi stuff happening, is in real life.

Poor Londoners were shocked at first but soon figured it out what was happening to them. And once they did, they were pretty impressed.

Check the video above to see one very cool Pepsi Augmented Reality Prank.

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