Perdy ‘The Giraffe’ Loves Visiting Restaurants


In Africa, true nature walks the earth. And in South Africa’s Lion Park, wild animals walk through restaurants as if they are just one the regular, run-of-the-mill customers.

These days, raw footage of a towering giraffe nicknamed “Perdy” nonchalantly treading through a restaurant is garnering a lot of attention on social media. The one-minute-and-thirty-two-second-long clip was taken in a wildlife park near South African city of Johannesburg.

Not caring what the onlookers think, the giant mammal just walks into the outdoor restaurant, takes a bite or two of what she likes, and then leaves, casually, like it ain’t no thing.

Apparently, it is a daily habit of hers, which explains why she doesn’t cause any mess on her way in and out.

Seeing is believing? Okay, then hit the play button up top and start believing.

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