PETA Officials Hit Deer, Blame NJ Game Department

Hunters in the area can't stop laughing. Two PETA officials, Dan Shannon and Jay Kelley, collided with a deer a few weeks ago on the NJ Turnpike, according to The Washington Times.

PETA Officials Hit Deer

Unfortunately, deer are often hit by cars, and had it been anyone else who hit the deer, they probably would have been upset, but then proceeded on with their lives.

But for these two, they had a lot of fingers to point before they could move on. And who did they decide to blame? The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

The PETA legal counsel, Matthew Penzer, wrote a letter to the director of Fish and Wildlife in NJ, Bob McDowell, highlighting what was wrong with the incident.

Penzer said things like, "a deer darted out in front of the car and a collision resulted", and "damage to the car was severe, resulting in a repair bill that exceeded $6,000.00 and loss of use of the car for nearly two months."

Then he went on to say, "PETA, Mr. Shannon and Mr. Kelly believe that the collision, which occurred near the start of New Jersey's hunting season, was caused by the state's Department of Environmental Protection Fish and Wildlife Division and the Fish and Game Council as a result of their deer management program, which includes, in certain circumstances, an affirmative effort to increase deer populations."

PETA would normally think that's a good thing, but they went on to say, "...the Division and Council actively assist in increasing the deer population for the purpose of enhancing hunter opportunities and license revenues."

So as you can see, because there are hunters who like shooting deer, the Fish and Game council helps to increase deer population. This obviously causes more deer 'to run away from hunter's guns', into the middle of major highways, thereby resulting in collisions, that make PETA have to pay for damages.

That makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it?

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