Pets Considered 'Unadoptable' Find Home At a Heavenly Sanctuary

July 25, 2014: Lovely retirement homes for disabled animals – they exist.

It's a materialistic world out there, and this holds true when it comes to animal adoption as well. Most people pick only the cutest and healthiest pets despite wearing the cloak of animal lovers.

The ones with disabilities are very rarely adopted and usually left to spend the remainder of their days in miserable conditions. This is where animal sanctuaries like "Home for Life" enter the frame.

"Home for Life" provides a shelter for animals considered "unadoptable" or given up by their families or freed from cases of abuse and neglect.

Each of their pets has painful stories from horrible past, some of which are shared down below:


Candy the cockatoo enjoys having free reign of the entire Home for Life site. The cats and dogs are used to her presence, and don't give her trouble.


Toni is a paraplegic dog who was rescued from Iran. There isn't much known about her life before she came to the sanctuary. She had her ears cut off and sustained severe injuries to her back half, most likely from being hit by a car.


Tiger is a wonderfully patient and loving dog. He came from a family where he was so severely malnourished that his bones did not grow properly. After coming to Home for Life, and undergoing many correctional surgeries, he's living life to the fullest.


Celeste is blind and has feline leukemia. Found as a stray, she has quickly warmed up to people, and now works as a therapy pet for children who have escaped domestic violence situations.


Nike is a gorgeous husky. Smart and friendly, she has a spinal defect that makes controlling her back legs difficult. She was taken in by a wonderful family who tried their best to work with her disability, but due to her incontinence could not able to keep her.


Audrey Hepburn is a spunky paraplegic cavalier King Charles spaniel. After breaking her back, her owners were afraid they could not provide the constant care she deserved to live out the rest of her life in comfort.


Meesha was given to Home for Life due to a condition that caused her to constantly "leak," and her family was not able to keep their home sanitary enough for their children.


Flurry is a gorgeous Australian shepherd who was abandoned on a country road. Flurry is blind and hard of hearing, but with a pack of companions to guide him by scent, he can still run and enjoy the meadows of Home for Life.


Ben is partially blind and has seizures after receiving kicks and blows from a group of kids. After being transported to a safe environment, he isn't afraid to go exploring and enjoys his time in the meadows.


Anook is a sweet chow chow who was abandoned when his family left town suddenly, and found wandering as a stray. He had a painful condition where his eyelids turned inwards, causing the eyelashes to scrape on his eyes. After corrective surgery, he can now see and is pain free.

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