This. THIS Is Why A Dog Will Always Be A Man’s Best Friend.

Money or no money, home or no home. Dogs don't care. They just give love.

In prolonged periods of hard times there comes a stage when even the closest of friends and family lose faith in the person going through the crisis, but not dogs. Once they bond with their owners, these four-legged creatures stick with them no matter how difficult the circumstances are, or how difficult they get.

There are plenty of people who've fallen on hard times, but unlike everyone else, their canine partners have refused to let their financial plight affect their relationship. Even in a state of homelessness, when everyone else has left, dogs don't abandon their owners. Theirs’ is a love that is unconditional.

Here are some photos of people who may not have a place to call home, but they certainly have lifelong friend whose affection has no strings attached.

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