Calling All Viral Video Stars, Philippine Fans Beg You To Visit

Filipino YouTube fans rally to bring their heroes to Manila with #BringYouTubersToManila – will they succeed?

Die-hard fans in the Philippines have been running an online campaign to bring famous YouTube stars to Manila for months now, however, it was only this month that their efforts finally got noticed by their heroes.

Although the Philippines is not one of the biggest Internet bases in the world – only about 37 million people, or a third of the country, were online last year – it has the fastest growing Internet audience in Southeast Asia.

And YouTube apparently is among the most favorite websites Filipinos like to visit. According to a 2012 report, around 844 million YouTube videos were viewed from the Philippines for the month of January that year, making it the country’s third most popular website after Facebook and Yahoo.

Despite the enthusiasm for Google’s video streaming website, YouTube sensations such as Marcus Butler, Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) and Alfie Deyes (akaPointlessBlog) – “prolific video bloggers” who are worthy of mobbing as per an article by the Telegraph – have not visited any of the cities in the Philippines.

Therefore in order to bring these online celebrities to Manila, young Filipinos started the hashtag #BringYouTubersToManila which soon became one of Twitter’s top worldwide trends.

The plan worked as thousands of people tweeted about it and some of the YouTube stars even responded to the campaign.


For more information on #BringYouTubersToManila, watch the video above.

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