Jesus Taken Away In Handcuffs

Police throw Jesus into jail after he walks on (frozen) water and gets into a fight with a cop.


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He can raise people from the dead, turn water into wine and even go for a heavenly ice skating session. But Philadelphia police draw the line at Jesus accepting tips.

“Philly Jesus,” aka Michael Grant, found himself in a holy war with a police officer at Philadelphia’s new seasonal ice skating rink. As Jesus himself tells it, he obliged some fans to take a picture after ice skating and accepted a tip from them (Jesus doesn’t charge for photos: Blessed be the poor and all that.)

And that’s when the son of God ended up in handcuffs.

The big JC is usually the unofficial deity of Love Park with the famous Philadelphia LOVE statue. Grant started his Philly Jesus gig after he was run over by a minivan, according to his website. Grant took a detour and became a “Satanic music artist” and fell into a heroin and cocaine addiction before he hit rock bottom and had a revelation in rehab.

And unto Philadelphia, Philly Jesus was born. He has amassed quite a flock of followers, whose righteous indignation poured out on Twitter after Grant’s arrest.

Jesus may the way, the truth and the life, but he also is no fool. Philly Jesus lawyered up pretty quickly and his attorney, Charles Gibbs, is waging a PR campaign for the Prince of Peace.

Your move, Philly police. Just watch out for lightning strikes.

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