Photo Of Pakistani Waiter Feeding A Disabled Beggar With His Own Hands Goes Viral

Today, while scrolling through the internet we discovered a pretty unusual yet a very pleasing photo.

Today, while scrolling through the internet we discovered a pretty unusual yet a very pleasing photo.

Redditor Dawwr posted a photo on the microblogging site about 9 hours ago, entitled: Humanity: Waiter at a restaurant buys food and feeds disabled beggar with his own hands, in Karachi, Pakistan.

Pakistani Waiter Feeding A Disabled Beggar

As the title explains, the picture reflects humanity at its peak. Seeing a waiter who must be earning very little salary is feeding another man, who is a beggar and is disabled, makes you wonder how supportive and compassionate people are towards each other in a third world country like Pakistan, a country which is now assumed to be a terrorist state generally (which is of course totally generalized and a negative perception)!

Another thing that surprises us is that we don’t usually see a lot of positive stories like this appearing on social media from Pakistan. It’s good that people understand the social media culture in Pakistan and promote such kind acts of their people on the internet.

The picture not only makes you feel good but also makes you think about the fact that whatever Pakistan is going through economically and politically... its people have not given up and they love each other.

Later in the comments [–]Dawwr[S] posted that the picture belongs to Hassan Rizvi and gave a link to his Facebook page, which reads:

My best friend took this picture near our office in Badar Commercial Area. 
According to him .... this waiter got food for the man sitting begging by the road ... sat down next to him, and fed him by his own hands. the beggar had polio i think ... but i wanted to share this picture ... it shows another side of us and people like this should be appreciated more.

Just a thought! i'm sure, (and i hope), that there are many many more such people who are never in the limelight ... because that's not why they do what they do.

Impressed Redditors shared their personal stories on the post as well; here are a few good ones.


There was a blind guy at my work that would eat lunch at the same time as me every day. There was a lady that worked in the cafeteria that would help him get his food, walk him to a seat (while carrying his food for him), and then carefully lay out his food for him and tell him where everything was. She did this every single day. I saw that happen for at least 5 years. I don't work there anymore, but I like to think that it's still happening. There's no way she got paid extra to do it. She was just a nice lady.


I broke my arm severely in pre-school and my mom tells me that this little girl in my class took me under her wing as if she was my mother. We were of the same age at the time, and in the same class. Her mother would make sure to drop her off before me and wait for her, while the little girl waited for me at the curb for my mom to drop me off. She would take my backpack and lunch from me, and walk me to our class. She would take care of me all through the day, taking my jacket off or putting it on when we went outside. She'd make sure that my pens were capped, my pencils sharpened, and feed me my food before she ate hers.

She was like my very little own angel. I'd give anything to find out her name, or who she was, or what she has done with herself (we are now in our early 30's).

What do you think about this gentleman’s kind act? Let us know with your comments.

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