Photographer Turns Children's Worst Nightmares Into Actual Photographs

These haunting images were once just a terrifying figment of a child's imagination.

Your worst nightmare coming true is probably the worst, err, nightmare for any person. No one wants to actually be in the disturbing situations of their dreams in real-life, although just viewing them as 2D photographs is a different story.

American photographer Arthur Tress, through his "Daymares" photo series, did just that in the late '60s and '70s.

Back then, he asked children to describe their most horrific nightmares and then proceeded to reincarnate them in staged photographic form. What resulted was a series of haunting images that are  more intense than what we see in horror movies and psychological thrillers today.

Explaining how he got the idea for the "Daymares" series, Tress told “So as I was doing that series, I photographed a lot of children, because that’s where kids played, along the waterfront. And then I got asked to do a workshop with a childhood educator named Richard Lewis.

"Every year he has a different theme, and one year he did children’s dreams, to get kids to write poems and paintings from their dreams. So he called me in to photograph his class. So I said, you know, that’s a terrific idea, and I’m going to pursue that by asking children and my friends what dreams they remembered from childhood."

To check more of his work, visit his website.

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