This Photographer’s Work May Just Be The Greatest Tribute To Cats

Japan’s obsession with kitties is highlighted in its full glory.

If good portraits pay tribute to their subjects, then French photographer Alexander Bonnefoy's work is the cat's pajamas. His coffee table book, “Neko Land,” is a love letter to its namesake, the cat, in Japan.

Alongside some playful illustrations by Delphine Vaufrey, different sections of the book document various aspects of a Japanese feline.

Upon his arrival in Japan, Bonnefoy’s lens was simply greeted with a "hello kitty!" He traveled there not knowing he would end up documenting the ever-present creature in the country. But finding them everywhere, he was inspired.

The book has five themes that explore felines in Japan. So, for example, the first chapter about strays depicts the independent streak most often associated with cats. Another chapter called "neko café" shows how certain cats can live almost in a way their Egyptian ancestors once did, when they were worshiped and ruled like kings.

Apart from the insightful commentary, the photographs themselves truly reveal how each cat has a unique personality. From the cat found looking down at his lens from a tree, to another of a cat caring for her kittens, to the bad-ass blue-eyed cat, Bonnefoy truly captures the many faces of a cat in Japan.

For more of his work and to indulge your feline fetish, visit his blog.

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