Shape-Shifting Dog Becomes a Different Animal Every Christmas

This dog stops being a canine on Christmas.On every Christmas, Photographer Peter Thorpe transforms his pet dog – Raggle – into a variety of animals using props – but never Photoshop, like others do.

The Bristol-based lensman started this tradition some 20 years ago, meaning that he now has an entire collection of holiday pics of Raggle dressed as mouse, donkey, sheep and whatnot.

Due to Raggle’s failing health, Thorpe has decided it will be the last time he put his beloved canine through his form-changing makeovers.

Down below are some of Raggle’s best impressions of other animals:

Raggle As a Mouse


Raggle As a Donkey


Raggle As a Camel


Raggle As a Turkey


Raggle As a Bird


Raggle As a Sheep

To view more of Peter Thorpe's work, head on over to his blogspot page.

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