Photographer Shoots Fantasy Portraits of Stray Dogs To Help Get Them Adopted

The “Bay Tree Project” hopes to increase pet adoptions in Cyprus.


Stuart Holroyd loves dogs. When he moved to Cyprus last year, he learned that the owner of Bay Tree Rescue, Kayte Wilson-Smith, was struggling to get donations for her rescue center, a place for stray, abused, and abandoned dogs in that country. 

Holroyd started using his photography skills to create the 'Bay Tree Project' featuring fantasy portraits of dogs up for adoption. He hopes that attention on the photographs will raise funds, increase awareness and spike pet adoptions.

After completing the series, Holroyd found a publisher to turn the images into a book and he'll also sell prints through exhibitions. All proceeds from the project will go towards Wilson-Smith’s rescue center. Keep up with the project on Facebook to find out how you can help. 

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