Teacher Gets Hit In The Groin With An Axe After Class Experiment Goes Wrong

This man has literally gone to great pains to impart his knowledge of science.

How the physics teacher lost his job

This is something we thought we'd never see happening in a physics class – or any class for that matter, but it did.

A high school teacher was hit in the groin with an axe after a class experiment went wrong. Granted that it was the blunt side of the axe, but no matter what its sharpness is like, copping an axe at full speed down there is no joke.

It was initially thought that the guy swinging the axe was the teacher and the poor man whose' private parts were on the line was a student. But a student who witnessed the ordeal clarified on Reddit that the man lying down is the teacher. The other guy is a member of the staff, who had agreed to wield the deadly tool on the teacher's request.

It's unclear what they wanted to achieve with the experiment, but we can see that there is a plank of wood and a cinder block on the teacher's chest. The idea perhaps was to hit the cinder block, but it didn't go according to plan.

It looks extremely painful just to watch, but the aforementioned Reddit user says it wasn't that bad:

"The dude who was hit is the teacher. He was just fine - it was a graze - not a full on partitioning," the student wrote. "The teacher walked funny for like a couple of days and then he was just fine. AP Physics I is fun because of stupid things like this happening."

About the purpose of the strange demonstration, he added: "The concrete block is placed on a bed of sharp a** nails. The force is distributed across all the nails and thus the individual pressure from each nail is minuscule does not cause any damage to the teacher under the bed of nails."

Here is another angle of the incident:

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