Plus-Size Vlogger Shuts Down Bikini Critics' Nonsense Like A Champ

Loey Lane hits back at body shamers who call some women too fat to put on a bikini.

With society's general obsession with the "perfect" body not going away any time soon, Loey Lane decided to do something about it.

The YouTube star and plus-size fashion vlogger Lane loves to spread ideas of positive body image. She was fed up with the nasty comments that degrade plus-size women who wear bikinis, so she made this video in response to all the people that ever fat shamed her or plus-size women all around the world.

"Why is it that someone else can dictate that you are not allowed to put something on your body that makes them uncomfortable?" Loey Lane asks. “Any woman, no matter her size, any man, any human being, they’re not looking for your approval or your praise of what they’re wearing.”


Was looking for photos for tomorrow's video thumbnail and fell in love all over again with this image from @skorchmagazine! I've already gotten tweets from some of you but yeah, the Victoria's Secret haul is down (again) for containing "sexual content". It's OK though, this happened previously and YouTube will fix it again and just make a note that people are flagging it for no reason... they've done it with other videos on my channel, because this definitely isn't the first time people have tried to censor my body because they don't like it. Loves, if there is one thing I've learned being on YouTube, it's that there are a lot of people in the world who think they are a lot better than everyone else. Confidence scares these kinds of people and so they do everything they can to make people who like themselves feel horrible. They want everyone to be miserable, just so they can feel better. You can't be mad at these people. You can just feel sorry for them. Sorry for whatever has happened in their life that has put them in a place like this, sorry for the things that have influenced them and taught them a twisted set of priorities. At the end of the day, we have our positivity and the knowledge that we are better than stooping to their level. They have a lot of hate in their hearts and once they're done trolling online, probably have a life to return to that doesn't make them happy or leave them fulfilled. I have a whole video on this situation coming tomorrow, so just stay tuned! Until then, have a wonderful night. I love all of you, every last one. Even those of you who don't love me in return; I wish you nothing but happiness. Night night beautiful babies.

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The 22-year-old fashion and beauty vlogger has more than 345,000 followers on YouTube and another 90,000 on Instagram. Lane has a message that serves as an inspiration for anyone who has felt dejected because of negative body image.