Polar Bear Frolics Along London Streets

What would you do if you saw a polar bear walking through your city?

Animatronic Polar Bear in London

Sometimes animals show up in unusual places, but this polar bear surprised everyone when it was seen roaming along the streets in London. 

Instead of being frightened at the polar bear, most onlookers were intrigued, and a little girl even reached out on the London tube to touch the arctic creature, who was clearly not where it was supposed to be!

However, those who were frightened had no need to worry, because this polar bear, while appeared very, very real, was actually just a robot.

The bear had two puppeteers inside controlling every realistic movement of the bear, which was constructed by Hollywood special effects by a team of 19 experts.

The polar bear was used to promote a new show in the UK called 'Fortitude', which is about a fictional town with 3,000 polar bears living among 713 people.

You can watch the video of this publicity stunt and see how this polar bear made everyone's day.

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