Police Investigate 107 Gnomes Invading Woman's Home

The person who did this is still un-gnome at this time.

A woman in Devon, England came home to find a horde of garden gnomes surrounding her house. There were 107 adorable, chubby little men arranged in 30 rows on her front lawn. Not knowing what was happening and who put over a hundred gnomes on her property, Marcela Telehanicova called the police.

“Someone has taken quite a bit of time and effort to place them there,” said police according to The Guardian.

Police investigate after woman wakes up to find 107 gnomes in front garden

No nearby business or homes reported any missing gnomes, so it is unknown where the large collection came from.

The homeowner said that at first when she saw them she was scared and confused. Once she realized that they were numerous, but harmless, gnomes dressed like workmen she didn’t mind too much.

“I was in hysterics, I found it really funny,” said Telehanicova.

The main reason she reported them at all was because she thought they might have been stolen and didn’t want to be mistaken for a thief. “I reported them, saying: ‘Look, if somebody says they’ve got 100 gnomes missing and they’re in my front garden, I’m the one that’s going to get questioned….I don’t know who did it but I would love to know. I would love to shake their hand and say ‘Well done, you made me laugh.” 

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