This Buck Was About To Slip To Its Death When 2 Cops Came Along

The buck tried to grab hold of the ice using its hooves but kept slipping off the edge. As it struggled to get itself out of the icy water, two cops came to its rescue.

A large deer has two Colorado police officers to thank after they saved him from the freezing waters of the Big Thompson River.

The dramatic rescue was caught on video in which the poor creature can be seen trying to hold onto a sheet of ice to keep itself afloat. However, its hooves kept slipping off the edge.

A passerby reportedly spotted its struggle and informed the Estes Park Police Department.

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“We see this buck and his family around our home often. Shortly before the incident, on our morning dog walk, we saw this buck going into the Knoll-Willows area,” wrote DJ Walsh, who uploaded the recording on YouTube.

Soon, two police officers arrive at the scene use a lasso around the buck’s antlers. As they pull it out of the river, an off-camera voice can be heard exclaiming, “All right, yeah!”

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Mule deer are known as an icon of the American West. However, Colorado has seen a statewide deer population decrease since 2005 by about 36 percent.

"Mule deer are an indicator species. If mule deer herds are in poor health, it probably means the land itself is in poor condition and that a lot of other species are at risk," National Wildlife Federation public lands policy director Kate Zimmerman told the Denver Post last year in an interview, before calling for measures to protect the prized species.

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