Policeman Taken To Task By A Trucker For Breaking The Law

The tables were turned on a cop when he was pulled over by a trucker for speeding. Here’s how it happened.

Now this is a video you won’t get to see all too often. Trucker Brian Miner was driving through Illinois when an officer passed him traveling way over the posted speed limit.

Not only that, according to Miner the officer was on his cell-phone as well.

He started honking his horn asking the officer to pull over.

The officer stopped but when Miner told him why he had been asked to stop, he got not only confrontational, but accused him of honking excessively.

About using the phone while driving, the officer had a handy reply, “Police officers can actually use technology when we're driving,' he said, stretching the truth somewhat.

'Oh, so you guys are above the law?' the trucker responded.

The officer then tried turning the game by asking Miner for his license and questioning him on how fast he was driving.

'You passed me! Are you above the speed limit as well?'retorted Miner, adding that the officer was going well above 70mph, the speed limit.

This would have gone on but when the officer noticed the camera he changed his tone and became mild and accommodating. He was busted and he knew it.

The video is funny in its own way but really refreshing as well. It goes to show how the law enforcement agencies and personnel can easily feel themselves to be above the law and how there are people like Brian Miner who are not afraid to hold them accountable. Indeed if all citizens are aware of the law and their rights and have the guts to stick up for the truth; our society would definitely progress.

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