Manchester Cop Dancing To Footloose At Pride Parade Steals The Show

A policewoman was seen dancing to Footloose at a pride parade and her dance routine has become an Internet hit, attracting nearly 180,000 views.

44-year-old inspector Jacqui Prest who works for the Greater Manchester Police, Rochdale, was seen at a pride parade doing something very different from what’s on her job description; busting killer dance moves.

Her impromptu performance was uploaded on YouTube and has since taken the Internet by storm.

The female cop attracted people’s attention as she tapped away to a popular song Footloose.

However, this is not the first time Prest has done something like this. At a similar event, the policewoman dressed in a panda costume to be a ‘Police with Pride’ was captured doing the Y.M.C.A.

She has been participating in Manchester’s pride parade for the past six years.

“For me getting involved is about letting the LGBT community and any other possible victims of hate crime know the police are inclusive, we understand and we are there for them,” she stated in an interview.

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Prest who has a two-year-old son with her wife of six years also went on to add a few words about her love for Footloose: “Footloose does that to me every time! My feet just started tapping, and it went from there.”

Check out her impeccable dancing skills in the video posted above.

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