Postal Workers Charged With Santa Scam To Steal Gifts From Poor Kids

Three postal workers posed as poor children to get charity gifts.

Three New York City postal workers did not act in the spirit of the holiday when they allegedly took advantage of the kindness of others and pilfered gifts meant for poor children.

According to authorities and The Consumerist, the three employees wrote fake letters to Santa to “Operation Santa.” The organization takes addressed to Santa, written by children,  and encourages people to buy gifts for underprivileged children who mailed them in.

The workers took their false letters and made sure that they were seen by the people looking to make holiday donations. In addition to that, there is evidence that they also replaced the shipping addresses of real letters from children with their own so that they would be sent the gifts meant for the children.

The men are said to have received computers, tablets, clothing, gift cards and more. The gifts they were sent number over 50, making more than 50 children who were meant to have received holiday gifts.

Charges against the three include conspiracy and mail fraud. This should not discourage people from purchasing gifts for children anonymously through Operation Santa next holiday season, the risk of more thieving postmen is worth it to make a child’s day. 

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