Powerful Images About Hunger And Hope

National Geographic and Feeding America's photography project is astounding.

According to data from Feeding America , 46.5 million people lived in poverty in the U.S. in 2012, including 16.1 million children under the age 18. 

To help raise awareness about the issue, National Geographic has partnered with Feeding America to present a photography project called, “The Story of Hunger and Hope .” NatGeo put out a call for submissions for photographers from all over the world to document how hunger affects real people.

The project’s website reads :

"This assignment is about the story of hunger and hope. It is not about farming or agriculture or homelessness. It is about the people who suffer from hunger, as well as the people who help them survive it. It’s about realizing that hunger affects people from all races and all ages–and from every corner of the globe. Hunger doesn’t care if you’re from the wealthiest nation in the world or the poorest." 

Some of the most discussed images are below. You can see the entire collection on the National Geographic website and learn more about each photo. 

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