Humans Of New York, So Desperate For 15 Min. Of Fame, Fall For A Simple Prank

Comedian masquerades as photographer Brandon Stanton, mocking “Humans Of New York” followers.

Humans of New York” is one of the most popular Facebook pages around, but this video proves that people – even the ones living in the city itself – have no idea who runs it.

FYI, it is Brandon Stanton, a bond trader turned street photographer based in NYC, who created the popular platform. He is currently on a world tour sponsored by the United Nations and he looks like this:

humans of new york

Taking advantage of the page owner’s absence, comedian Tyler Fischer from the Prankdialz YouTube channel thought it’d be fun to see how many followers of HONY actually recognize its maker.

For his prank, Fischer dressed up as Stanton and roamed the streets of NYC asking people to pose for a photo and share their inspirational stories.

The results were hilarious.

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Fischer’s experiment goes to show how eager people are to appear in front of the camera, even if they have to make up a fake story to get there.

It also shows anyone can become a HONY photographer simply by putting on a T-shirt and a baseball cap with a DSLR camera in his hand.

Here’s something for Stanton to think about.

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