Obama Sucks In Unfunny Impression Of 'House Of Cards' President

File this under things Mr. President has made a mess of.

obama frank underwood

If you're not a fan of President Barack Obama, this video won't change your opinion of him. It will leave you confused, befuddled but thankful that the Obamas sent young Barack to Harvard Law and not Yale School of Drama.

That's because in a new video out of White House, the man nicknamed No Drama Obama appears to do an impression of House Of Cards character Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey). Needless to say his impersonation was way off and not at all impressive or funny.

He goes: "Hello everybody, this is not Frank Underwood, this is Barack Obama. Happy April Fools' Day. Frank learned it from me."

Obama has professed his love for the Emmy-winning Netflix series on many occasions, but just because you're a fan and the real-life president it doesn't mean you also have to do unfunny impressions too.

So dear president, why don't you please stick to making bad policies for now and leave entertaining for those who really know what they're doing?

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