Priest Has A Major Revelation After Dying And Coming Back To Life

A Catholic priest was clinically dead for 48 minutes, and then came back to life with a very different mindset.

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A Catholic priest from Massachusetts who was clinically dead 48 minutes was not only brought back to life, but claimed he met God in the process. And it turns out, according to the priest, God is a woman. 

There have often been stories of people experiencing clinical death, then coming back to life saying they have "seen the light." Many people who have gone through a near-death experience have somewhat similar descriptions of what they said happened. However, this priest takes near-death experiences to a whole new level.

The priest, the Rev. John Michael O'Neil, was brought to the hospital after a heart attack. He was declared dead on arrival, but had his blood continuously flowing to his brain with a machine called the Lucas 2.

After nearly an hour, doctors revived him. Once O'Neil awoke, he talked about his experience, which he claimed as "an intense feeling of unconditional love and acceptance."

He said that he encountered God, who he described as a "warm, motherly figure." The priest had no problem in discovering that God was in fact a "Holy Mother" instead of a "Holy Father," and he said that he will continue to spread the word of "her" existence. 

Apparently, the account was so vivid and detailed that people had to help keep the rumors from spreading to far. That obviously didn't work, as O'Neil's story is now spread worldwide.

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