Princeton Mom Thinks 'Antagonistic Feminists' Ruining It For America

Hey all you women who want equal rights, you're ruining marriage! And men! And America!

It's nice to know America is still a place where you can make a name for yourself spouting nonsense.

The "Princeton Mom" -- you remember her, the woman who thinks women should actually spend 75 percent of their college years hunting down an Mrs. degree -- is back in action with more of her archaic nonsense.

This time, she assumes those college graduates have already landed their acceptable husband. Now it's time for a lifetime of pleasing him. Susan Patton feeds off of "Fox and Friends" host Steve Doocy's ridiculous premise ("When did it happen that men and husbands became doormats?") to blame "antagonistic feminists" for bad marriages.

"Women have become so emboldened by these antagonistic feminists that they have lost sight of the fact that this is the man you married," Patton says.

Those evil feminists might have gotten off easy this time around, though. Patton must be missing a sarcasm bone because she took major umbrage at a joke Twitter campaign, #EndFathersDay, that included tweets like: 

"Everyone knows we only need mothers. Why do we need Father's Day? Fathers are useless. #EndFathersDay."

"They're not just interested in ending Father's Day," Patton screeched. "They interested in ending men! That's really what they want."

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