Everyone Is Laughing At The Cocky Gamer Who Celebrated A Tad Too Early

This is why you should never celebrate until you're over the line.

Bloopers hurt just as much in video games as they do in actual sports. Just ask pro gamer Woshige who made a huge fool of himself against fellow gamer Ogawa in their semifinal clash at the Evolution Championship Series.

The game they were playing was Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN and the entire event was being broadcast live on the Internet for gaming nerds to see the world over.

Ogawa, who was the favorite and the stronger player, claimed the first frame of the three-round battle. Now trailing, Woshige came back and won the second frame to level the tie. But instead of waiting for the deciding third round, he left his seat and started celebrating like the game was over.

The ruthless Ogawa capitalized on Woshige's absence and kept on pounding his in-game character. By the time Woshige assumed control of his controller, Ogawa had done enough to claim the third and final round.

As Ogawa arose to pump his fists and high-five the audience, Woshige held his head in his hands. He couldn't believe that his premature celebration had cost him a shot at the finals. Adding insult to injury, Ogawa won the final too and claimed the title.

Like that wasn't enough, the video clip of Ogawa's blunder was put up on YouTube and it has since gone viral, making him the face of gaming blunders from now till the end of times.

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