This PSA Might Be The Worst Possible Way Of Addressing Highway Safety

Colorado Department of Transportation hasn’t learned anything from Nationwide Insurance’s Super Bowl debacle.

Nationwide Insurance’s “Make Safe Happen” PSA was perhaps the most distressing thing about the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, people are experiencing that distress all over again, thanks to Colorado Department of Transportation.

In the new “Toward Zero Deaths” PSA regarding highway safety, CDOT decided to use child death as a motivational factor, without thinking about the mess that similar campaigns had created earlier. 

The video posted above does highlight the seriousness of the issue by showing a small child disappearing from his mother’s arms – implying the child to be a victim of highway fatality – but is killing a kid necessary to make people realize the severity of the situation?

On the other hand, the child’s death isn’t the only thing wrong with the video. The department's intention obviously was to create awareness, but its PSA didn’t turn out to be as effective. Surely, there were much better ways to convey the message, right?

Check out the video posted above to watch the PSA.

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