Puppy Won't Wake Up Till..."Let It Go!"

Nonplussed by other songs, this pup perks up when Frozen's smash hit comes on.

Sorry Charli XCX, your song "Boom Clap" isn't the cat's meow - or the dog's howl. 

Check out this adorable puppy snoozing away during a car ride...until..LET IT GO! 

Ears up, eyes open - this furry fella is clearly a "Frozen" fanatic! His enthusiasm makes the one billionth time we've heard this tune bearable. Almost. 

Not enough "Let It Go" for you?  Then check out a dad video bombing his kid singing the smash hit, a kid snottily singing, a "Movember" parody, Marines watching Frozen or the song sung in 25 different languages

WHEW. We are frozen-ed out...for now. 

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