This Awesome Husband Inspired The Internet To Cheer Up His Wife. You'll Want Purple Toes Too.

Ralph Kapostins' silly, loving gesture for his wife with lung cancer is now an Internet sensation.

Purple toes are taking over the Internet, all thanks to one very sweet husband who just wanted to cheer up his cancer-stricken wife. 

Ralph Kapostins decided to hop in the pedicure chair to get his toenails painted purple, hoping to get a smile from his wife, suffering from Stage IV lung cancer. 

The sweet gesture did indeed cheer up Valerie Brosdal -- and started an online sensation. Kapostins' Facebook picture of his tootsies quickly started to spread and before you know it, #PurpleToes was born. 

Friends, strangers, dogs, even a horse all sport purple toenails in hundreds of pictures posted so far to raise lung cancer awareness.

The campaign has gone beyond just cheering up Brosdal. Now there is a Purple Toes Campaign as part of the Lung Cancer Foundation, where anyone can post a picture. The movement has inspired at least $12,000 in donations to lung cancer causes as well. 

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