'Putin Is An A-hole' Star Is The Best Celestial Revenge Ever

Ukraine astronomers win the latest battle against Russian President Vladimir Putin's evil empire.

Look up to the sky this evening and you may be able to see the Big Dipper, the North Star and the Putin Is A Dickhead.

Ukrainian astronomers took their protest against Russian President and Ukrainian land usurper Vladimir Putin to the heavens by naming a star in his "honor."

Putin-Huilo! roughly means "Putin is a dickhead" or a-hole. The star is just the latest in a line of Putin Huilo campaigns against Putin: it's also popular as a protest chant and soccer cheer. A mariachi band even got in on the action.

To get a glimpse of Putin-Huilo!, train your telescope on right ascension 18h, 59m, 47.09s, declination 46°, 26', 44.0", r-band magnitude 11.

Putin deserve his star and much more. ​Let's hope he doesn't try to annex his celestial neighbors though. 

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