Miracle Pup! Quadriplegic Dog Shocks His Owner

Sammy the springer spaniel had almost no hope for a normal life, but neither he nor his owner was willing to give up the fight.

This heartwarming footage captures the beautiful moment where an owner reunites with her pet dog after surgery.

Sammi, an 8-year-old springer spaniel, was suddenly unable to walk after veterinarians discovered a degenerative neck injury. Sammi’s health began to decline, and he suddenly became quadriplegic. Vets feared that he would remain paralyzed for the rest of his life but Sammi’s owner – unwilling to give up on him – took him to California Animal Rehab in Santa Monica, California, where he needed intense rehabilitation.

What happened next was completely unbelievable.

After three intense months of rehabilitation and lots of hard work from both veterinarians and physical therapists, Sammi is now walking again. Sammi surprised his owner and the reaction of Sammi’s owner will definitely make you tear up a little, all thanks to California Animal Rehabilitation.