R. Kelly’s HuffPost Live Meltdown May Not Be As Crazy As You Think

Singer R. Kelly's meltdown during a HuffPost Live interview made the Internet cringe with disgust, but was it completely unwarranted?

A very cringe-worthy, discomforting interview with R&B singer, R. Kelly, is making waves throughout the Internet as he stormed out of a sit-down with HuffPost Live after taking offense to host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani’s probing questions.

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Before walking out of the interview, Kelly and the host got into a heated debate during which he became quite disrespectful.

He insulted her intelligence and asked her if she gets sloppy drunk before abruptly cutting her off as she was preparing to share some video questions from fans.

The approximately 18 minute interview started off very cordial and pleasant as Modarressy-Tehrani asked him questions about his new album Buffet and what inspires his music, but then it took a very awkward turn when she started asking about how his sexual abuse accusations impact his album sales.

Kelly answered the first few questions on the subject calmly saying his response to those who may be hesitant to buy his album because of his past is simply, “F—k that.”

"You can't satisfy everybody," he continued. "I will continue to do my job until I get fired, and the only people who can fire me are my fans."

Kelly made the point that although his image may be tainted to some and he may have lost fans, he has still been able to see a lot of success and make plenty of money. His comments pretty much made it clear that the past has not had a huge impact on his career, overall, despite those people who don’t support him.

Instead of taking those responses for face value and moving on, Modarressy-Tehrani continued to harp on the sexual assault allegations.

Her questions even became a bit invasive. For example, she asked him if he has a “healthy relationship with sex” and if that is reflected in his music.

The question may have been relevant, but it was definitely worded poorly. Asking about his personal “relationship with sex” is a little forward, isn’t it?

A more appropriate way to ask the same thing may have been, “Do you feel that your lyrics promote healthy sexual relationships?”

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If you look at music as a whole, many lyrics do not directly reflect the life of the artist. It’s kind of an amateur move to assume all of a musician’s lyrics are about their own personal experiences.

Of course, most folks have either read an article, seen a tape or have been exposed to some source that revealed the acts Kelly was accused of with underage girls and it's all AWFUL but yet, he has somehow managed to still thrive. That's something worth asking about, not the status of his current sex life. 

Modarressy-Tehrani, however, was very persistent which is generally a good trait to have as a journalist, but at that moment was only provoking Kelly’s hostility.

Clearly agitated, he started talking over the host. He referred to the interview as an interrogation and a deposition. He continued to say he felt disrespected by her line of questioning, saying that it was negative and irrelevant.

His questions about getting drunk, albeit totally inappropriate, were apart of a poorly-executed way to prove a point that certain questions come off with negative implications regardless of how politely you try to pose them.

Kelly knows he is branded with the stigma from his past, just like other celebrities with controversial or negative histories such as Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Kim Kardashian, and the list goes on. But, they've all been able to enjoy lucrative careers which really says more about society's substandard values than the celebrities themselves.  

Kelly's way of handling himself was deplorable, no doubt, but it's pretty evident that the rude, pompous behavior he displayed came out of frustration sparked by some undeniably intrusive questions. 

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