Rare Footage of Wild African Cat Riding on a Rhino

A wild African cat was recently caught on video riding the back of an endangered black rhino on a nature reserve in South Africa.

A wild African cat was recently caught on video riding the back of a rhino on a nature reserve in South Africa

The genet is the name of the feline-like animal which has a long tail and spotted coat. Last September, photos surfaced of the same type of animal riding on the backs of buffalo and rhinos but this footage marks the first time it’s been caught on video.


The clip shows the genet swatting creatures while on a black rhino’s back until the rhino suddenly becomes agitated and starts jerking and running out of view of the camera, clearly not too thrilled about being the cat’s piggy-back ride.

The genet then begins to screech as it struggles to hang on to the rhino for dear life.

The South Africa-based organization, Wildlife ACT which works to protect rhinos, lions, elephants, leopards, cheetahs wild dogs, vultures and turtles is responsible for capturing the peculiar moment.

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Conservationists are calling the rare sighting a discovery of a new mammal symbiotic relationship and suggest that the genet may be using the bigger animals as leverage for catching prey.

Genets typically live in trees and hunt insects, birds, rodents and frogs. The black rhino -- which is severely endangered throughout the world -- usually feed at night before dawn upon trees and bushes.

The horns of the rhino are used for medicines in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore which contributes to the endangerment of the species.

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The cat on film has been named, “Genet Jackson” and has its own Twitter page. 

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