UNICEF’s Video Against Domestic Violence Will Move You To Tears

April, 23, 2014: UNICEF encourages people to refuse to be silent witnesses to abuse.

In a powerful new music video, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) shows how people turn a blind eye towards domestic violence. It also shows how people can put an end to abuse if they come together and deem it unacceptable.

Featuring Albanian-American singer-songwriter JMSN, the song focuses on how everyday individuals can help break cycles of violence by refusing to be silent witnesses to abuse.

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It is a part of the #ENDviolence against children initiative is a global movement to raise awareness and spark local action to combat abuse against children by "making the invisible, visible."

In its report “Behind Closed Doors” UNICEF highlighted how domestic abuse is often ignored because it is generally considered to be a person(s)’ private matter. In addition, it explains the way it can affect the most vulnerable victims at home – the children.

Violence in the home is one of the most pervasive human rights challenges of our time. It remains a largely hidden problem that few countries, communities or families openly confront. Violence in the home is not limited by geography, ethnicity, or status; it is a global phenomenon,” the document stated.

UNICEF further added that children who are exposed to violence at home develop anxiety disorders and suffer from depression which can influence their cognitive and social skills. They can also exhibit violent, risky or delinquent behavior later in their life and consequently repeat the cycle of abuse, making it a never-ending process.

According to the organization’s findings every year, as many as 275 million children worldwide have to go through the trauma of domestic violence and suffer the full consequences of a turbulent family life.

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