What This Guy Did To A Drunk Girl Will Surprise You

How did things get so bad in India? A damning look at rape will shock and disgust you.

What would you expect if you see hidden camera footage of an intoxicated girl who passed out while discussing her life problems with a guy in a hotel room? Watch the video above and have a look at the man’s surprising behavior.

It ends on an unexpected note and delivers a strong message.

The video by U’th Time and YTV, which is making waves on YouTube, prompted us to wonder how bad the situation in India really is.

A woman gets raped in India every 22 minutes. A child gets raped in every 76 minutes.

These are horrifying statistics and the numbers are only getting worse. Reportedly, there has been an 873 percent jump in rape cases over the past 60 years.

However, what’s even more distressing than the rape culture is the ghastly practice of blaming the victim. The re-victimization of sexual assault victims is when women are accused of the “crime” of being raped.

How did things ever get so bad?

The culture of victim-blaming, while a product of skewed notions of masculinity, is also reinforced by the contemptible beliefs of influential people. For instance, a member of Maharashtra State Women's Commission Asha Mirje said, "Rapes take place also because of a woman's clothes, her behavior and her presence at inappropriate places."   

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Ruchira Gupta, a renowned Indian journalist, activist and the president of Apne Aap Women Worldwide, an Indian organization dedicated to ending sex trafficking, was herself a victim of sexual assault. In 1992, when the 29-year-old journalist was covering the demolition of a mosque in northern India, she was attacked and dragged to a trench before being saved by a passerby.

In a passionate article on CNN, she wrote, “When I appeared in court to testify against the attackers, their lawyers asked me questions that implied I was responsible. How could the daughter of a good family have gone to cover the demolition? Did I smoke? What kind of clothes was I wearing? Did I believe in God?”

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However, not all is bad in India. Initiatives like this video do indeed prove that there is hope and some progress. There has been a significant rise in public reactions to the instances of rape in India. Efforts at the governmental level to overhaul its laws to fast-track rape cases are also commendable. Youth are the real driver of change in India and a rigorous campaign against rape will only prove to be advantageous in the long run.

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