#ReasonsWeAreNotFriends Sums Up Everything That Makes You Unworthy

This could be us...but you don't like One Tree Hill.

We all have those moments.

Someone says, or does, something that just rubs you completely the wrong way and in that moment you think, "now this is a person with whom I could never be friends." 

It might be the mother who has affixed her two-year-old son to some sort of human leash at Six Flags. 

Or maybe it's the guy who has decided to play his music through the speakers on his phone rather than on headphones like a normal person while he rides the subway. 

Or maybe you discover that someone near you has never seen "doesn't really like to watch TV." 

No matter what the case may be these moments happen all too often, and thankfully we have a modern method of cataloging all of these cringe-worthy shared experiences: Twitter

The #ReasonWhyWeAreNotFriends hashtag went viral on Twitter Monday morning and the results are painfully relatable. 

Others, however, were hilarious. 

And some have tapped into the most divisive and powerful social divisions that exist in our ever-evolving modern society. 

Finally, and most importantly of all: 

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