Are These Statues Really Taking Selfies Of Themselves?

Who knew that even statues like indulging in all the selfie fun?

We may have gotten over the selfie fad (or not!), but it seems the social media trend has only just caught on in the sculptural world.

Take a look at the photos we've got lined up for you; they've got stony figurines posing as if they're taking selfies of themselves.

Nope, they aren't from some new age museum. These are actually classic statues, but it's the clever angles that make them look as if they are taking their own selfies.

This is the work of a bored Redditor, who on a recent visit to Ireland's Crawford Art Gallery fooled around a bit with his camera phone and came up with these remarkably original pictures.

Check them out and be amused:

The statue selfies became quite popular on the social networking service and soon others chipped in with their own entries.

These statue selfies have since inspired a new subReddit as well.

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