Remarkable Footage of Majestic White Whale Off Australia Coast

This white whale might not be the famous Australian Migaloo, but he's just as awesome as he swims gracefully off the Gold Coast.

Footage of a white humpback whale has been circulating the Internet after being spotted off the Australian coast.

The rare mammal was originally thought to be the “Migaloo” – a famous whale named by the Aboriginal Elders meaning “white fella.”

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The Migaloo is a member of a group of whales that have been seen swimming in Australian waters.

Researchers are saying that the whale seen today – first sighted by a news helicopter – is most likely not Migaloo because he is too small and too white.

Migaloo was first seen in 1991 and has been confirmed as a true albino humpback. Until 2011, Migaloo was thought to be the only white whale among the population of 23,000 that travel through Australia.

Migaloo, albino humpback, humpback whale

Two others have been spotted since then including Son of Migaloo – which researchers say could be the one seen today – and another one that has black spots on its tail.

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Other factors that indicate this whale is most likely not Migaloo is a missing scar that Migaloo has had since 2003 when he was struck by a trimaran and a prominent hook on his back that is not visible on the whale spotted today.  

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