This Reporter Will Never Butt In Where She’s Not Wanted

News reporters can test the patience of even a saint. This man had little tolerance for the nosy TV journalist and he let her know it.


The Australian man in the video surely got rid of the reporter hounding him. Even though the action was extremely rude, hardly anyone watching the clip would feel bad for her.

We all know that television journalism demands that reporters lackrespect for personal space and privacy.

Channel 9’s Alex Bernhardt wouldn’t let up hounding this gentleman about his recent encounter with the police and all he wanted was for her to leave him alone.

The police had recently raided his home on an anonymous tip to find a fake grenade and a small amount of marijuana inside. Channel 9decided to interview him to get his side of the story. He didn’t want the attention or interference; but who was listening to him?

Well, when his repeated decline for an interview didn’t get the reporter’s microphone out of his face, he threw what he had in his hand on her- luckily it was just water.

Thankfully it didn’t get any uglier. The man later offered an explanation for his actions, which was simple enough: 'I smoke a little dope'.

Interestingly it was Alex Bernhardt’s last day at her job and as she jokingly claimed later, 'I guess it was a way for me to go out with a splash.'

That’s a great attitude.

 It seems reporter all over the world are the same and people are universally fed up of them. Check out this instance:


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