Reporter Who Covered Paris Attack Faces Outrageous Sexist Criticism

As the Paris Attacks caused utter chaos for many, one man is distressed that a reporter wore the same coat for several days.

Australia’s ABC European correspondent, Lisa Millar recently got criticized on Twitter for wearing the same coat while reporting the Paris Attacks.

The female journalist was busy covering the tragedy and understandably didn’t have time to look into her wardrobe and its aesthetics. However, one man, Stephen Blackman decided to call her out on it and tweeted:

He stated that the reporter should have considered visiting a nearby store to pick up some clothing upon which Millar was rather perplexed and replied with a simple “huh”. Blackman then went on to explain has he tweeted:"The same jacket, report after report, I'm sure you follow.”

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Millar, however had the most epic response:

It is rather shocking that while thousands of lives were destroyed overnight, one man oblivious to it all, decided to call out Millar on her appearance instead of appreciating her reporting abilities.

While many people joked about the situation and poked fun at Blackman, others were rather furious. The tweets below show both the reactions on social media. 

It is interesting to note that the even during a time of crisis and emergencies, sexism comes into play where women are expected to still dress well and look good. Ironically, if however, a man was in the same place, he wouldn’t have been criticized for wearing the same clothes for even months at end. The case was proved by Australian newscaster Karl Stefanovic when he wore the same suit for a year on-air without anyone even noticing it proving how rampant sexism actually was.

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