Kansas Waiter Given $20 "Tip" Turns To Twitter In Outrage

"To get my hopes up like that ... is just flat out mean," says frustrated restaurant waiter.

fake money

When you work in a small restaurant, getting a generous tip can make your day.

So when 17-year old Garret Wayman, who lives in Wichita, Kansas, saw a $20 bill under a ketchup bottle, he was beside himself with joy. However, his bubble of excitement soon popped when he saw that the bill was faked and disguised a Biblical lesson in its folds.

The fake bill suggested that there were more important things than money and that he should seek “faith thru Jesus Christ” to achieve contentment in life.

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Getting a good tip at a restaurant is quite rare and for the waiter, who goes by the handle @BEANBURRITO on Twitter, it was a major letdown. He soon turned to the micro-blogging platform to vent his frustrations.

As a high school student thousands of dollars in debt, Wayman works seven days a week at a thankless job, relying on tips to bolster his pay.

fake tip

The pictures that he posted on Twitter have been shared over 3,300 times as of Thursday morning and he has received several sympathetic comments and offers of help from other users.

Incidences about waiters getting fake tips aren’t new. A Redditor once posted that he got a phony $10 dollar tip at a restaurant where he worked, and instead of turning him toward religion, made him lose faith in humanity. Waitress Jess Jones had an encounter with some diners, who not only did not tip her but added insult to the injury by writing “LOL” on the receipt.

Check out some of the great comments Wayman’s supporters wrote about the mean incident.

He might not have gotten the money, but at least he managed to find solidarity from his Twitterati.

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