Right Wing Nut Jobs Think Bacon Is A Muslim Conspiracy

If there were a hall of fame for ridiculous ideas, these people would be first ballot entries for sure.

On Monday of this week, The World Health Organization released a report that linked bacon, and other red meats, to severe health issues. 

Slandering bacon is a sure-fire way to rile up the internet and this report was no exception. There was an outcry over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites that this report is merely the latest in a long line of bogus health trends that tend to rise up every now and again. 

Most of the posts were humorous and sarcastic. Many people simply viewed the whole situation as a big joke. One group, however, does not find the situation very humorous. 

The only thing that right wing nut jobs love more than ensuring every 10-year-old in the country can buy a gun is red meat. 

These politically minded bacon fiends took to Twitter on Monday to make it clear that they view the World Health Organization's report as a Muslim conspiracy against this great nation. 

You're right. That does sound too stupid to be true. Here, however, is the proof. 







These are only a few of the (unfortunately) many tweets that follow these same threads. 

The good news, however, is that if these people keep ignoring health advice at this level then they probably won't be around to say offensive things for much longer. 

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