26 Photos From The World's Most Amazing Instagram Account

Lauren Burgoon
Go inside the fanciful, colorful imagination of Robert Jahns' photography. You won't be sorry.

What if a ballerina could dance with a school of dolphins or we could ride a roller coaster through lower Manhattan or swing high above the Hollywood sign? 

Robert Jahns manages to take fantasies we didn't know we had and create them through his astonishing mix of photography and art. Some of his work is pure imagination, like the coffee break in space. 

But Jahns, an art director based in Germany, finds the beauty and drama in everyday scenes that create surreal shots when layered. The subjects he returns to repeatedly -- Venice, elephants, cityscapes -- will have you looking at the world in a new way.

Get ready to feel inspired and awestruck, and when you're done looking at these photos, check out all of Jahns' work on his website and Instagram account