Roman Atwood’s "Killing My Own Kid" Prank Is Funny In An Awful Way

Roman Atwood, notorious YouTube prankster, is going to be sleeping on the couch for involving his own kid in this prank!

American comedian Roman Atwood is no stranger to the world of pranks. In his most notorious moment, he decided to tell his girlfriend on their five-year anniversary, that he had been unfaithful – only to find out that she had a confession of her own.

Despite the unfortunate outcome of that prank, his prankster ways know no end. In this video, he decided to prank his girlfriend Brittney Smith and, much to her dismay, make use of their son, Kane, dressed in a Spider-Man costume, as a crucial instrument in his prank.

Watch as he unfolds his master plan and convinces his girlfriend, and mother of his child, that Kane is seriously hurt – or not – and how she reacts. It’s awful, but you have to admit it’s kind of funny.

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