A Bunch Of Drunk Ronald McDonalds Are Marching Through The Streets Of Sydney

"Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband…"

Citizens of Sydney witnessed their worst nightmare coming true when a group of freaky Ronald McDonalds decided to take a stroll down the streets. 

Luckily, a brave soul took it upon himself to photograph this clown horror and share it with others.

All dressed in matching yellow jumpsuits over red striped shirts, with red afros and a creepy grins that would make for countless sleepless nights, the Ronalds were spotted at a subway station – not that they were hard to miss.

They walked down the stairs to the platform, scaring the living daylights out of the commuters.

And they weren’t alone. They were accompanied by none other than the Hamburgular.

The clown congregation finally came to rest near a pub, where they enjoyed some beer and burgers.

Although this seemed much like a bachelor party extravaganza rather than a cult thing, this torrent of spooky red-wigged creatures made zombie-apocalypse look like a more welcome choice.

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