Skydiver Solves Rubik’s Cube Mid-Air Before Opening His Parachute

For this skydiver, jumping from a plane was just too mainstream so he decided to add a twist to the sport. Be prepared for the adrenaline rush.

While most people are simply ecstatic at the idea of getting home at the end of a long day and jumping into bed with a snack and movie to watch, others need to jump off planes to feel it's a day well lived.

We've seen numerous incidents recently of daredevils taking the word “guts” to a whole new level, pulling off stunts such as volcano boarding, taking skyscraper selfies and swimming with the great white sharks.

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Now comes a clip of a man who holds off his life-saving parachute until he can muster the mental skills to solve a puzzle in freefall.

The amazing clip shows a man jump out of a plane, with a Rubik’s cube in hand, as he begins to desperately move the blocks around to solve it. As seconds pass by and the daredevil is nearing the ground, he manages to solve the cube and finally opens his parachute.

Check out the video above and be thrilled.

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