Pro-Russian Pets Pose Proudly For Putin

Who cares about the U.S. sanctions when Putin has these many supporters?

St. George’s ribbon is a strip of striped orange-and-black fabric which is a popular symbol ofmilitary valor in modern Russia. It is widely associated with the commemoration of the Soviet Union – especially during World War II.

Nowadays, the ribbon is being used in eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian protesters who have occupied key government buildings as part of their separatist movement. Even the animals have started wearing it as an expression of their devotion towards Vladimir Putin.

Have a look:

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Many Ukrainians have objected to the hijacking of the ribbon of St. George by instigators of separatist protests, calling it a perversion of historic memory,” the Christian Science Monitor stated in April.

Some are even calling it the “Colorado ribbon,” after the similarly colored Colorado beetle that infests potato fields across Eastern Europe. At least one Maidan activist has made a show of burning three ribbons in the eternal flame in Odessa. All of this is grist to the mill of pro-Russian agitation and popular paranoia.”

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said this week that he feared Moscow was planning to cause disruption on Victory Day – the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 – which is to be celebrated on Friday.

"They (the Russians) say: 'look, we ... are calling everyone to peace, but it's the Ukrainians who are guilty of not carrying out the Geneva agreements and guilty of some skirmish they are definitely planning for May 9," he said. "There is no doubt about this ... and Russian television will show footage of rampant nationalists beating up veterans. Russian propaganda."

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